I'm a computer science student and I created this website in my spare time to allow people to better keep track of their nutrition.

Unfortunately, I was pretty dissatisfied with the existing websites that do nutrition tracking. They offered tons of features that were useless to me but failed at what I really needed: a fast way to enter food and nutrients.

I figured that you can type "200g chicken breast" much faster than entering it through menus, so I created Taco Shell, a text-based nutrition tracker. I realize that the style of this website may not appeal to everybody at first since it is very "geeky", but I assure you that it is very easy to use.

Here are a few commands to try:

I made this very robust against typos and syntax errors, and you can use pretty much any unit.

I apologize in advance for any problems you might run into while using this website. I tried to make sure everything works as it should but by no means can I guarantee this. If you decide to move on for any reason, you may use the "download" command to take your data with you.

I also made a version of this that runs as a desktop app. You can find it on my Github along with more insight into all the technicalities.

If you have questions, suggestions or anything else on your mind, please shoot me an email at admin@tacoshell.io.

And now: Happy tracking!